We’ve told you plenty about different ways that you can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and, thereby, improve your home comfort. We know you might already be sighing at the idea of having another part of your system to check up on but hear us out on this one. Your system’s condensate drain has the ability to shut your AC down and hinder your home cooling.

We provide the air conditioning service that can address any issues with your condensate drain and so much more. Read on to discover why a blocked drain is bad news for your comfort and how we can help.

What Is the Role of Your Condensate Drain?

If you haven’t heard of a condensate drain before now, you aren’t alone. There are many people out there who don’t realize that their AC comes with this drain. That is why we want to provide some info about it so you can be on the up and up on everything to do with your system.

Your condensate drain is responsible for draining away the built-up condensation that collects on your AC unit’s evaporator coil. As your system cools air and absorbs heat, it also causes the moisture in the air to cool and collect as condensation. This condensation eventually flows down off your coil and into a drain pan which is cleared via a condensate drain.

How Does This Drain Become Clogged?

You are probably wondering at this point how a condensate drain becomes clogged if its only purpose is to drain away built-up moisture. Well, this is because AC systems can become dirty over time.

Dust and other debris may collect on your evaporator coil simply via regular use. This debris can be captured by the moisture that collects on your coil and will be brought down into the pan and, eventually, into the drain. Over time, much like how that debris can build up on your coil to create problems, it can collect in your drain and create a clog.

Addressing a Blocked Condensate Drain

If the condensate drain in your air conditioner becomes clogged, you’ll want to clear it out the same as you would want to clear a clogged kitchen sink drain. However, this doesn’t mean you should reach for a plunger.

When you notice that your AC system turns off before it can do anything, or it shows signs of leaking moisture, you’ll want to reach out to a professional AC repair technician to address the issue. When you contact a team member at Avis Home Solutions, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will assess the issue first to make sure they fix every contributing factor along with the problem at hand (i.e. an evaporator coil that needs a good cleaning). 

When you need assistance with a faltering air conditioner, don’t struggle with amateur service. Instead, schedule your repairs with Avis Home Solutions. We work hard to provide outstanding care for your comfort system.

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