When it comes to operating your air conditioner efficiently, there are several factors to consider. Ensuring that your windows are closed while it’s running and promptly addressing any necessary repairs are just a few examples. While we don’t want to overwhelm you with additional responsibilities, it’s essential to understand that one seemingly insignificant component plays a significant role in the long-term performance of your system.

We’re talking about your air filter, and it’s crucial to recognize its importance and take proper care of it. Allow us to provide you with some up-to-date information about this critical part of your air conditioner, why it directly impacts your comfort, and the best practices for maintenance.

What is an Air Filter in Your AC?

Let’s clarify that the air filter we’re referring to is not the one responsible for filtering the air that enters your home. This is a common misconception. Instead, we’re specifically discussing the filter located within your return air duct—the part of your system where hot air is drawn in to be cooled. This filter serves to protect your system.
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What Does Your Air Filter Do?

Situated in the return air duct of your air conditioner, the air filter plays a vital role in safeguarding your system from dust, dirt, pet fur, and other airborne debris present in your home. The filter captures these particles, preventing them from entering the internal components of your cooling system. Without the air filter, these contaminants can infiltrate your AC unit, causing various issues such as short cycling.

How to Maintain Your Air Filter

Given the air filter’s significance in your air conditioner’s operation, it’s crucial to ensure it continues to perform effectively. Neglecting its maintenance can lead to dust entering your AC or even blockages that impede airflow into the unit.

To keep your air filter in good condition, it’s recommended to check it every one to three months, depending on the frequency of your AC usage. For instance, during the peak of summer, it’s advisable to inspect the filter monthly to ensure it remains free from debris. If you encounter a clogged filter, you can either replace it if it’s disposable or clean it if it’s reusable. Click here to schedule air conditioner repair service in Anaheim.

Let Us Assist You

If you’re uncertain about how to properly care for your air filter or if accessing it poses a challenge, we’re here to help. Our team of professional technicians can change your air filter during a routine AC maintenance appointment in Anaheim.

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