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When it comes to keeping healthy in your Orange County home, there are a number of factors to think about. Do you have a quality AC system to get you through summer? Is your indoor air quality at a good level? How’s the quality of the water you’re drinking?

That last one probably isn’t something you think about regularly, but it should be. Sure, water treatment plants in the Anaheim, CA area do an excellent job of purifying the water as much as possible. But that water has a long way to go from treatment to your faucets and can pick up contaminants along the way.

Orange County Water Treatment System

Your Water Treatment Options

No single water treatment option will be right for every home. In fact, you may need some combination of the following water treatment systems. Read on to learn more.

  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis describes a process of purifying water in a way that leaves it free of contaminants. With one of these systems in place, you’re essentially able to get “bottled water” straight from your taps.
  • UV Water Purifiers: UV light is potent and powerful, against germs and bacteria! This type of UV radiation is completely harmless to people and pets, but gets rid of the harmful contaminants that might be in your drinking and potable water.
  • Water Filtration Systems: Water filtration systems were designed to purify the water in homes so that it is cleaner and healthier. Properly installed water filtration systems successfully eliminate chemical tastes and odors.
  • Water Softeners: Hard water is something that’s fairly common in Orange County communities. It describes water that has a high level of minerals in it—namely calcium, magnesium, and even iron. These minerals aren’t harmful to digest, of course. But, over time they create scaling inside your pipes, which means there’s an opportunity for clog buildups and even pipe corrosion.

The best way to assess your water treatment needs and create solutions for your specific Anaheim, CA home is by hiring a professional to do water testing in your home. We’ll look for impurities and contaminants to determine just how healthy the water you drink and bathe with is, and advise you on the next steps to take.

Do You Need Water Testing?

The only way to determine for sure which water treatment systems you actually need in your Orange County home is to schedule professional water testing services. This is important for any plumbing system connected to the municipal water supply, in addition to well water.

We have a number of systems and services available to manage any water quality obstacles, and we look forward to discussing your options with you. It’s first important to know the various risks you face with your water, such as the presence of chemicals and minerals in a municipal plumbing system, or algae and other contaminants from well water.

The good news is that no matter what your water quality woes are, we have what it takes to resolve them. Reach out to our Anaheim, CA water treatment experts to schedule your next water testing appointment. We’ll come up with a customized solution for your specific water treatment needs.

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