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There are a variety of appliances that work together to keep you and your family comfortable in your Anaheim, CA area home. Your HVAC systems probably come to mind first, and then maybe your water heater—but what about the rest of your plumbing system? The average homeowner doesn’t think much about this until they have a problem, but the plumbing system in your home deserves professional attention to not only prevent problems but resolve them too.

Since 1973, Avis Home Solutions has been the premier heating, cooling, and plumbing service provider in Orange County. When you need a plumbing installation, inspection, or repair, don’t hesitate to contact our licensed plumbers for expert service.

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Why trust your plumbing system to just anyone when you can work with a team that prides itself on quality products and services? Whether you’re having a plumbing system installed in a brand new home or need significant repairs or repiping, Avis Home Solutions is the plumbing contractor to call.

Our plumbers are ready to handle whatever piping or emergency plumbing needs you may have. Our plumbing services included bathroom and kitchen plumbing, gas piping, leak and slab leak detection, video pipe inspection, main water line services, and even whole-house repiping.

Ask us too about video pipe inspection—this allows our plumbers to inspect your pipe system as unobtrusively as possible. We accurately determine what’s causing your plumbing woes, and move forward with resolving it from there.

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If you’ve ever considered hiring a general handyman or an amateur plumber off the street to work in your home, you should know there’s a flaw to this. They don’t necessarily understand all the intricacies involved with your plumbing system—how everything works together.

They also may not know how to look for outdated pipes that could soon begin leaking and causing catastrophic problems in your Orange County home. With our expert plumbers on your side, you can rely on a plumbing system that will work as flawlessly as possible for the years to come.

In addition to our comprehensive plumbing services, we install and service numerous other components of your plumbing system, including:

  • Drain and Sewer
    The drain and sewer system of your Anaheim area home isn’t likely something you think about often, but it is something you need to perform flawlessly! From video pipe inspection to effective drain cleaning methods and trenchless technology to access sewer lines, our plumbers have the tools and techniques necessary to get your drain and sewer system operating as it should—with minimal disruption to your home or lifestyle.
  • Water Heaters
    Most homeowners are used to seeing the traditional tank style water heater. These systems are still popular in homes throughout Orange County, but the tank system isn’t your only option. In fact, many individuals are discovering the cost-saving benefits of both tankless water heaters and solar powered water heaters! Contact one of our plumbing comfort advisors for more information.
  • Water Treatment Systems
    How healthy is the water you drink? Municipal plants are vital to ensuring your water is potable, but that water also has a long way to go from the plant to your faucets. It can pick up minerals and contaminants along the way, requiring the installation of a whole-house water treatment system to manage.

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