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When it comes to using our air conditioners, and even our heaters, in the Anaheim, CA area, we want to do so as efficiently as possible. No homeowner wants to spend unnecessary money to cool and heat their homes, right? Well, if your household is poorly insulated, then this is precisely what you might be doing.

To ensure that your Orange County home is properly cooled and heated throughout the year, as affordably as possible, you’ll want to make sure it has the insulation it needs to keep warmth out during the summer, and in during the winter. At Avis Home Solutions, we offer quality insulation installation and replacement, to help you save money while enjoying improved comfort and home performance.

Trust Us for Professional Insulation Services

When it comes to having your insulation put in, you want to make sure to work with experienced and trained HVAC technicians. Whether you’re having a new home constructed and you are looking to take advantage of home energy efficiency options or you have an older home that has damaged insulation from something like a leaking pipe or rodent infiltration, we’re the team to contact to improve your comfort.

There’s no bad time to invest in insulation replacement or installation. It’s more important that this service be done by highly skilled and experienced professionals who have access to a wide range of insulation material, and know-how to apply it effectively in your home.

To assess your insulation needs in your Orange County home, contact our comfort advisors today. We solve problems.

Properly Insulating Your New Home

Are you having your home constructed in Anaheim, or another city throughout Orange County? There’s no doubt that you’ll need an effective and efficient air conditioning system, as well as a sturdy heater. But your HVAC systems can only perform so well without the right insulation in your home. In order to be as comfortable as possible, you want to invest in professional insulation installation for your brand new home.

Our comfort advisors will ensure that your home is matched up with the right type of insulation for your specific needs and install it carefully and appropriately. Many homeowners don’t realize how a small mistake can result in significant discomfort—but we do.

Replacing Your Insulation

Throughout your homeownership in Anaheim, CA, there may come a time where you’ll need insulation replacement. The reason may be because yours is old, is coming loose, is outdated—and therefore made from unsafe material such as asbestos—or has been damaged due to rodents infiltrating your attic or walls.

Whatever reason you need insulation replacement, our highly trained comfort advisors are here to discuss your options. Blown-in insulation, for example, is often considered for replacement within walls and ceilings as it requires only minor demolition—typically a series of small holes. This is preferable and well worth it when it comes to making your home more comfortable, or especially more healthy if your insulation has been soiled by rodents.

We would love to discuss your insulation options with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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