Orange County’s Premier Plumbing Provider

When you hear the term “sewer line replacement,” does it conjure up images of your entire backyard being dug up, landscaping ruined, and dollar signs piling up? This is what it used to take to have a sewer line replaced or repaired, but not anymore! Pipe relining, repair and replacement are still necessary services of course, but digging a large hole in your yard to do it isn’t needed anymore.

The development of trenchless technology, also called no-dig technology, has made it possible for the Anaheim, CA plumbing comfort advisers here at Avis Home Solutions to unobtrusively do this kind of work. We are the premier plumbing company for Orange County and have been since 1973. What’s important to you is important to us, and we know how vital it is for your drain and sewer repairs to be as convenient as possible.