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Do you know what type of professional to call when you need gas piping installation or repair? This certainly isn’t something you should attempt to work on by yourself, as it could mean serious safety risks. In fact, gas piping professionals have to have special licensing to do the work they do. When you need gas line work, reach out to our plumbing comfort advisors. That’s right, the Anaheim, CA plumbers here at Avis Home Solutions are qualified to work on your gas piping.

You’ll never need to worry about safety with our team. We’re the premier Orange County plumbing provider for a reason—we’ve been dutifully serving the plumbing and gas piping needs of residents throughout the Anaheim area since 1973. We care about your health and safety and look forward to serving you.

Trust the Pros for Your Natural Gas and Flexible Gas Line Installation

Whether you’re having metal pipes or flexible gas lines installed, the expertise needed is only something that licensed professionals will be able to promise. In most jurisdictions, including throughout Anaheim, CA, and the surrounding communities, it is the law that only specially licensed professionals are permitted to work on any gas line or gas-powered appliance.

The potential for dangerous gas leaks is too great to allow an inexperienced plumber or homeowner to deal with your gas piping. The best way to protect your home and your family is by contacting the pros for your gas piping work.

Contact our team today for reliable and safe gas piping services. We solve problems.

Creating an Efficient Home with Natural Gas

Natural gas is a widely used form of fuel for homeowners throughout Anaheim, CA, and the rest of Orange County. It has many benefits over using electricity as your main source of power and therefore resolves a lot of problems you may run into using just electricity.

  • Natural Gas Costs Less
    Burning natural gas is more affordable than using electricity, since gas is a less costly source of energy. While many electrical appliances have certainly made huge strides in efficiency, gas is the still the leading choice for most homeowners due to cost.
  • Gas Burns Clean
    When compared to other heating fuel alternatives, such as oil or liquid propane, natural gas burns cleanly, with very little waste and few harmful emissions.
  • Gas is Readily Available
    Not every neighborhood throughout Orange County has access to natural gas, however the majority of residents in the greater Anaheim area will have a much easier time getting access to natural gas rather than needing to fill up an oil or propane tank on a regular basis.

Have You Had Your Gas Piping Inspected?

Natural gas piping is something that a lot of homeowners take for granted, particularly if they’ve never experienced a problem. A potential risk with this is that homeowners aren’t always aware when their gas lines are wearing down.

Gas piping is an important part of your plumbing system, but not often something you think about when you hear the term “plumbing.” Next time one of our professional plumbing comfort advisors is doing work in your home, please ask us about your gas piping to ensure it’s still in great shape.

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