How to Tell You Need a Heater Replacement

March 16th, 2020

Those days of warmth were a nice reprieve but we are getting dunked right back into the chilly temperatures again. Rather than our air conditioners, the heaters are all starting to hum back to life. At least, you hope so.

If your heating system isn’t operating correctly, you may have a problem on your hands. Depending on a couple factors, you may actually have a bigger issue than you might think—a heater replacement to be specific.

We know it sounds scary but don’t panic. We can help you determine whether you need a heater replacement or not and, if so, we offer services for your Irvine, CA HVAC system that will get you set up with a good heater again in no time.

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You Need To Know About This Vital Furnace Repair

March 2nd, 2020

It is great that we no longer have to try to keep ourselves warm by lighting up a fire in the middle of our living rooms, or in each room. The safety, comfort, and efficiency that we get to enjoy thanks to modern heating systems like the furnace are pretty incredible when compared to anything that was used to provide comfort 200 years ago.

With that said, your furnace isn’t perfect. It will eventually need repairs and while some repairs are relatively simple, there are others that are best addressed by a professional as quickly as possible. Why? Because there is one repair need in particular that your furnace can develop that is flat out dangerous.

This is your reminder that a cracked heat exchanger is not a furnace malfunction to be ignored.

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Tips To Maximize Your Heater Efficiency

February 17th, 2020

The weather is starting to hint at early springtime warmth but there is still a strong chance that we could encounter another cold spell. We know that if you are living in Southern California you would prefer to stay warm rather than shiver in your bed at night so it is important to make sure that your furnace keeps running efficiently.

If you have made sure to get your yearly maintenance check done on your heater, addressed repairs quickly, and kept your system off when you didn’t need it, you are on the right track to maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC in Anaheim, CA. But there are a few extra things you can do to take things even further–and save you a few more dollars each month.

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The Importance of Insulation

February 3rd, 2020

When you think about insulation, you probably briefly imagine the puffy stuff that has been blown into your walls or laid down in your attic. Maybe you can even picture the type of insulation you have in your home. What you likely don’t think about is how important insulation is to your comfort.

You may not realize this, but it is a good idea to understand the role of your insulation. Why? Because when you know how important it is, you will also understand why it is a good idea to invest in keeping it in good condition.

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5 Facts To Know About Heat Pumps

January 20th, 2020

When it comes to keeping your home warm during wintertime in California, we certainly don’t have to deal with the same extremes that people in the Northeastern United States do. That doesn’t mean that we don’t need reliable warmth though. Especially with how cool it has been during the evenings and early mornings here in Southern California lately, it pays to have a good heating system.

If you are considering a new heater it may be time to look at heat pumps. These are wonderful systems that provide not only heat but also year-round comfort. If you want to learn more about Anaheim ductless heat pumps, we can give you the key facts you should know.

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Kick-Off the New Year with Improved Home Performance

January 6th, 2020

Energy efficiency refers to a particular system’s ability to produce a certain result, product, or service (warm air, for example) using a smaller amount of energy. As you can imagine, a system that produces more warmth using less fuel and/or electricity is one that is considered quite energy efficient.

We love to discuss energy efficiency because making sure that your home comfort systems perform efficiently is something that we do quite well. And whether you have a brand new system or an aging one, we have tips that can help you to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system all year long.

It’s time that we discussed sealing your home.

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Stay Warm with Fast, Reliable Repairs

December 23rd, 2019

Southern California isn’t known for experiencing extreme cold. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get pretty chilly. Temperatures as of late have been surprisingly low, especially first thing in the morning which makes the getting-out-of-bed battle that much harder. If your heating system isn’t working properly as well, getting to work on time can seem nearly impossible.

When your heater is in need of heater repairs in Anaheim, CA, the best choice you can make is to schedule a visit from an HVAC technician sooner than later. However, this is easier said than done if you aren’t sure what indicators are telling you that your heating system needs help. That is why we want to make sure you have the information available to you that will tell you when your heater is crying out for repairs.

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Ensure Your Home Comfort with a Maintenance Visit

December 9th, 2019

Its been raining recently and for those of us in Southern California, that means it is definitely time to break out the blankets and warm tea, stay OFF the roads (because rain and traffic on the 5 don’t mix), and crank up the heater.

Anaheim may not get too cold when compared to places like Portland or Boston, but to us—temps in the 50s and rain spell some very chilly days. We rely on our heaters during this time of year which is exactly why it is so important that this home comfort system is kept in good working order. After all, a heater breakdown in the middle of December isn’t something any Californian wants for Christmas.

The best way to guarantee your heater runs well throughout winter and spring is to schedule maintenance services in Anaheim, CA. We promise it is never too late. Let us tell you why.

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The Importance of Working with Pros

November 25th, 2019

Let’s be honest, most of us have been enjoying the fair fall weather. Even with the occasional heat wave, temperatures have been mild enough that we can get away with leaving our windows open and leaving our air systems off.

With the weather in the prime place of “not too hot, not too cold,” our home comfort systems may be the last things on our minds. However, we want to encourage you to take a minute to consider when the last time was that your HVAC system was serviced by a professional. If your last system check was over a year ago, then the time may have come to schedule a maintenance check. However, before you schedule your HVAC services in Anaheim, CA we want to make sure you know why it is vital that you do this with a trained service professional.

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Check Out Our Blog for Advice on All Things Plumbing and HVAC

November 6th, 2019

Be sure to bookmark the Avis Home Solutions blog to start learning the ins and outs of plumbing and HVAC.

We’ll regularly post energy saving tips, how-to’s on troubleshooting your systems, and breakdowns on even the most complex industry related terms and concepts.

Need help now? Send us a message or get in touch today.

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