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When we’re in the middle of one of our hot summers, the last thing any homeowners need is for their central air conditioning system to fail on them. This is a lot less likely to occur if you keep up on your regular central air conditioning maintenance appointments, which enable our HVAC technicians to thoroughly inspect, adjust, and clean your system to ensure its efficiency.

Ask about our Energy Savings Club Membership. This is the Avis Home Solutions maintenance program—and it is more affordable than any other in the area! In addition to quality central AC maintenance, our team of HVAC installers and comfort advisors provides reliable central AC replacements, central AC repairs, and new central AC installations. We’re a quality Lennox dealer and you can expect exceptional equipment at fair prices when you trust us for the job, in addition to honoring any estimate you have for comparable labor.

What to Know about Central AC Installation in Anaheim, CA

Most homes throughout Orange County are equipped with central air conditioning systems and for good reason. They’re still a popular method for cooling, and today’s models are designed with your efficiency and safety in mind.

However, there are certain factors that can impact just how efficient your system operates—such as a poor central AC installation to begin with. For instance, were you aware that too big of an HVAC system can be just as detrimental to its performance as one that’s too small? Oversized units will go through a process called short-cycling, where they turn on and off rapidly rather than going through a regular cooling cycle.

This exacerbates natural wear and tear, meaning you’re risking a shorter equipment lifespan, and central AC repair needs you might not have otherwise had to pay for. When you work with our skilled HVAC installers, though, you’ll never have to worry about this!

Contact our team for professional central air conditioning service in Anaheim, CA, and the surrounding communities. “We solve problems” here at Avis Home Solutions, whatever your cooling needs are.

Are You in Need of Central AC Repair?

The number one way to fend off the biggest and most urgent central AC repair needs is by scheduling professional maintenance once a year. As a member of our very affordable Energy Savings Club, you can rely on a precision inspection and tune-up, same-day service for emergency calls, discounts on equipment, and much more.

Even with diligent central AC maintenance, though, components can wear down and you may find yourself in need of repairs in between maintenance visits. We’ve listed some signs below for you to watch out for that can indicate you’re in need of commercial AC repair:

  • Noisy System Operation
    Do you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from your central air conditioning system? This could range from a hissing or bubbling to a clanging or banging. If anything sounds out of the ordinary, it’s worth giving our team a call.
  • Loss of Cooling Power
    Do you feel air coming from your vents, but that air doesn’t seem as cool as it should be? This might mean you have a refrigerant leak that’s causing cooling power to decline, or it may be that you have a ductwork leak enabling air to escape into unoccupied spaces of your home.

If anything seems out of ordinary with your air conditioner, or if you notice an unexplained increase in your cooling bills, it could be a sign of a central AC repair need—be sure to give our Anaheim HVAC technicians a call!

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