Plumbing issues often seem to erupt out of nowhere, causing homeowners to scramble for a quick fix while they wait for a professional plumber. But there are signs that indicate an impending plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. Here are just a few to look out for.

  1. Discolored pipes

Every now and then, inspect the plumbing pipes for signs of discoloration, build-up, or rust. Discoloration often means there’s a drip in the sink or drain line, or a leak in the supply line. This is a sign that shouldn’t be ignored as a small, slow leak could lead to a serious plumbing catastrophe.

  1. Foul odor

Every plumbing drain requires a trap, and every trap needs a vent. The traps and drains prevent sewer gas from entering the home, by creating a barrier and channeling the odor to the roof. If you smell a foul odor coming from the sink drain, this could mean the trap has run dry or a vent line has cracked. To fix a dry trap, simply refill it with water. If this doesn’t help, check for signs of a leak. A sewer vent, on the other hand, is typically enclosed in a wall and may require drywall removal. Reach out to a professional plumber for this type of repair.

  1. Low water pressure

If a single faucet has a weak stream, the issue may be with the faucet aerator. But if you’re seeing low water pressure around the home, then there may be a problem with the water main, in the water heater, or in the supply line.

  1. Slow draining

A slow drain could be caused by a clog near the sink or further down the line, requiring snaking and even professional plumbing service. If you’ve got a stubborn clog, reach out to Avis for professional plumbing repair in Orange County, Anaheim, and surrounding areas.

  1. Unusually high water bill

A spiking water bill could indicate a serious leak in the home or a running toilet. Avoiding these seemingly minor issues could cause monthly water bills to skyrocket. So it’s best to take care of this as soon as possible.

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