Gas piping maintenance
December 4

5 Types of Gas Piping Material for Your Project: a Comparison

Selecting the correct piping material is critical for gas distribution system safety, efficiency, and durability. The materials that emerge as contenders in this complex landscape… View Article Read More

Emergency Plumbing in Anaheim, CA
November 8

8 Ways to Prevent a Cold Weather Plumbing Emergency This Winter

While it’s easy to overlook the importance of preparing your plumbing for winter, neglecting this simple task could result in costly damage to your home…. View Article Read More

Reverse Osmosis Systems in Anaheim, CA
October 18

The Need for Reverse Osmosis Systems in Anaheim’s Water Quality

If you own a home in Anaheim, the water that’s sent to your property likely comes from a combination of groundwater, lakes, and rivers. While… View Article Read More

5 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Plumbing System Checked This Summer
July 3

5 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Plumbing System Checked This Summer

As the sun shines brighter and the temperatures rise, summer is the perfect time for vacations, outdoor fun, and making memories. However, amidst all the… View Article Read More

February 28

Signs of Water Damage Hidden In Walls

In most cases, the home shows subtle signs of water damage before homeowners realize they have a serious problem. Peeling wallpaper, soft or swollen drywall,… View Article Read More

February 22

5 Worrying Signs of a Plumbing Problem

Plumbing issues often seem to erupt out of nowhere, causing homeowners to scramble for a quick fix while they wait for a professional plumber. But… View Article Read More

January 17

Bathroom Design Trends To Try In 2023

Over the past few decades, the purpose of the bathroom in modern-day living has been redefined. What was once just a place of necessity has… View Article Read More

December 27

How to Maintain Your Water Heater

Gone are the days when water needed to be heated over an open fire. Today, homes are equipped with water heaters powered by electricity or… View Article Read More

December 13

Tips For Protecting The Plumbing System During The Holidays

The holiday season is centered around food, fun, and family celebrations. But that also means the home’s plumbing system is under a heavier-than-usual load. To… View Article Read More

harsh chemical drain cleaners
September 2

4 Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Let’s be honest. You probably reach for a drain cleaner when your sink or tub slows down. After all, drain cleaners seem quick and easy to use and they get the job done. However, many people don’t know that drain cleaners harm your plumbing system. Here are four critical reasons why you should call the experts at Avis Home Solutions instead of using a chemical drain cleaner! Read More