California air quality can fluctuate quite a bit, from the Santa Anas to wildfires, to high humidity or dust storms and more. This can impact your allergies, cause asthma symptoms to flare up, and can even reduce the air quality in your house. Thankfully there are ways to boost your home’s indoor air quality.

You have the option to opt for an air filtration system or an air purifier to improve your home’s indoor air. If you are wondering whether your IAQ is really that important, we want you to know that it is. Investing in systems that help is a great choice.

The Role of Your Indoor Air Quality

Let us ask you a quick question: would you feel more comfortable in a house where there were visible layers of dust on furniture and the air was humid? Probably not! And that is part of the reason why your home’s indoor air quality or IAQ is so important.

Factors like levels of airborne debris (dust, pollen, fur, etc.), humidity levels, the presence of fresh air, and the health of the air in your home are all going to either help or hinder your IAQ, your comfort, and your own physical health.

So, is investing in your indoor air quality worth it? Yes!

Boosting Your IAQ

There is more than one way to improve the air in your home. Here are three ways we can help you breathe easier at home:

  1. Scheduling duct services: Duct services are going to help keep your air comfortable and clean. If there is debris in your ductwork, guess what gets blown into your home every time you run your air conditioner? A big factor in preventing debris from entering your ductwork is to keep your ducts sealed up. If your ductwork is leaking air out, it means unconditioned and unfiltered dirty air is getting in and then pushed into your home.
  2. Adding an air filter: When we say add an air filter to your home, we are talking about a filter that is installed into your ductwork. This means that it filters all the conditioned air that enters your home so any dust, fur, pollen, or other airborne particles are captured and kept out of your home.
  3. Installing a purifier: Air purifiers are great partners to air filters. These offer some of the same benefits as filters but add on the perk of tackling viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and scent-causing particles too. This can help your home stay comfortable during flu and fire season.

Avis Home Solutions can help keep your indoor air quality in order by installing a filter or purifier or lending a hand in keeping your ducts in good shape. Whatever you need, our HVAC installers and HVAC technicians can help.

Our team works hard to ensure we provide outstanding customer care with each job that we do. You can rely on us to keep you comfortable, no matter what the California climate decides to throw at us.

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