When it comes to detecting leaks, some can be spotted quickly, and others, not so much. Water spraying under your sink might point to an exposed pipe, but more complex, slab-type leaks deserve more than just common sense. Slab leaks need more attention because they happen underneath homes’ concrete slabs, making them difficult to detect without sophisticated tools. If you have these telltale signs of a slab leak, it may be time to call our team at Avis Home Solutions for a slab leak detection service call before it’s too late and causes too much damage.

Decreased Water Pressure and Increased Water Bills

You might notice a sudden and unexplained increase in your reported water usage (therefore, an increase in your utility bill) if you keep an eye on the account. Because slab leaks mean there’s always water running 24/7, there will be noticeable increases depending on the size of the leak. As a result, you can also experience pressure loss throughout other areas, leading to the worst-case scenario – burst pipes!

Flaws indoors and out

Does your floor have hotspots? Slab leaks on water lines cause hot accumulate, which transfers into surrounding tiles/wooden boards and the environment. This issue includes warping or bulging in your hardwood flooring, so be sure to pay attention to flaws in your flooring. One key indicator of a slab leak is the focused spot or warmth in one room that’s warm and humid.

Standing, pooling liquid, moss growing near edges where it meets ground (this often indicates frequent wetting), mud clumps sitting atop concrete patio deck stairs leading up from garden level…you get the drift! But that’s not all. Check outside for more signs. Look for areas around the house with excess water and foundation damage.

Listen to your home

One of the most obvious yet ignored signs of a slab leak is the constant sound of running water. When no water fixture is being used, you shouldn’t hear running water. Next time your house is completely quiet, listen for it. If you hear lovely sounds of flowing streams by chance, it could indicate that you have a slab leak and that it’s time to call Avis Home Solutions at 714-597-6997 for a slab leak detection service.

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