The weather is starting to hint at early springtime warmth but there is still a strong chance that we could encounter another cold spell. We know that if you are living in Southern California you would prefer to stay warm rather than shiver in your bed at night so it is important to make sure that your furnace keeps running efficiently.

If you have made sure to get your yearly maintenance check done on your heater, addressed repairs quickly, and kept your system off when you didn’t need it, you are on the right track to maximizing the efficiency of your heating system. But there are a few extra things you can do to take things even further–and save you a few more dollars each month.

# Tips to Optimize Efficiency

There are a few ways that you can invest in your heating system’s efficiency without having to do very much. We have some tips to help you do just that:

  • Check Your Ducts: If your ductwork has any air leakages this will seriously impede your heater’s ability to deliver the warm air it creates. Similarly, dirty ducts full of dirt and debris build-up will also have a negative impact of airflow–and indoor air quality too! Duct sealing, cleaning, and repairs are all easy to schedule and give your system a huge boost.
  • Use the Heat You Make: Think about how steamy your bathroom gets when you shower. Or similarly, consider how warm your kitchen becomes when you use the oven. When you create heat like this, don’t waste it! Let the warmth and moisture from your bathroom into adjoining rooms to preserve heat or let the warmth from the kitchen flow into other rooms. This reduces the job your heater has to do!
  • Keep Heat in Your Home: When your heater makes warmth, you want it to heat your home, not the world outside your home. Make sure your home is nice and sealed to ensure that the heat you request from your system stays inside where it belongs.
  • Regulate Your Thermostat: Keep your thermostat at a less aggressive temperature to reduce the amount of energy it uses. We know this sounds odd but when it is cold outside, a little warmth goes a long way–more than you may expect!
  • Consider a Smart Thermostat: If you still have an older thermostat you may want to consider installing a smart thermostat. This type of thermostat gives you access to your home systems while away, providing better control throughout the day, along with other benefits such as showing you different ways to improve your energy use.

We hope that these tips are able to help you discover different ways to make the most out of using your heating system. If you need an extra hand however, we are available to provide insight and services to assist!

The team at Avis Home Solutions works had to provide top quality home comfort services paired with outstanding professional care for all your heating and air conditioning needs. You can trust us to keep you comfortable.

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