With A/C season quickly approaching in Anaheim, CA, it’s time to take care of some spring cleaning essentials. Here’s a great way to get ahead before summer arrives. Call the experts at Avis Home Solutions to help make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Ensure those pesky allergies aren’t going haywire, the A/C is blowing cool air, and all your plumbing is unclogged and clean.

Change your Filters

Does your house feel stuffy? Dust, dirt, and pet dander might be the cause! Changing your filters should be on everyone’s spring cleaning list. Filters provide the most suitable airflow, allowing for an ideal spring breeze throughout your home. However, the delay of new filters makes this problematic. Your filters should be replaced every time leaves fall, and flowers begin to bloom. A fresh filter will prevent your air conditioning system from having to work harder, thereby avoiding higher utility bills. It will also help alleviate worsened springtime allergies and improve airflow.

Clean your garbage disposal

Whether you use your garbage disposal regularly or not, it’s best to give the appliance an occasional thorough cleaning. Although you may think that the food scraps are ground up and disappear into “no man’s land,” buildup can cause it to become clogged over time with particles, grease, and food. After a good, deep cleaning, give your garbage disposal a fresh smell by grinding citrus fruit peels. Cut up limes, lemons, and oranges, then stuff them down the drain to create an instant fruity scent for days!

Schedule Your Routine Service

One of the most important things you can do for your home this spring is schedule an annual A/C tune-up. If left unchecked, breakdowns during hot weather could leave you sweating and chained to fans as you try desperately to avoid being cooked alive inside a house that’s not cool anymore!

The idea of cleaning is a chore, but spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming or suffocating. Taking on one room at a time is effective and fulfilling. Next time your house feels stale, stuffy, or stagnant, call Avis Home Solutions at 714-597-6997 to help check things off your spring-cleaning checklist.

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