There are a lot of different things to consider when it comes to the operation of your air conditioner, from making sure all the windows are closed when it runs, to ensuring that repairs get seen to as quickly as possible. We don’t mean to add another thing to your plate in terms of keeping your AC running effectively–but it might help to know that what we are bringing up will make things a lot easier on you and your system in the long run.

One seemingly inconsequential part of your AC is the air filter–but we want you to know that this part of your system is actually really important. That is why we want to give you some extra information on what this part of your air conditioner does, why it is vital to your comfort, and how best to take care of it.

What is Your AC Air Filter?

When we are talking about your air filter, we aren’t talking about the system responsible for filtering the air that enters your home. This is a common misconception. Instead, we are referring to the filter that is within your return air duct–the part of your system where hot air is pulled into your AC to be cooled. This filter is meant to protect your system.

What Does Your Air Filter Do?

This air filter is situated in the return air duct for your air conditioner and is meant to help protect your system from dust, dirt, fur, and other debris that is in the air in your home. The filter captures these particles and holds onto them, rather than letting them get into the internal workings of your cooling system. Without your air filter, all that debris can get into your AC unit and wreak havoc on everything, causing problems like short cycling.

How to Help Your Air Filter

So, if your air filter is so important to the operation of your air conditioner, it probably goes without saying that you will want to make sure this item keeps doing its job. If your air filter isn’t correctly cared for, it can let dust into your AC or become clogged and hinder airflow into the unit as well.

You will want to check your air filter every one to three months depending on the intensity of your AC use. For example, during the middle of summer, you might want to give this filter a check each month to make sure it isn’t full of debris. If you need to address a clogged filter, you can either switch out the filter if it is disposable, or clean it off if it is reusable.

We Can Help

If you aren’t sure how to care for your air filter, or maybe it is harder for you to access it, we can help. Our professional technicians can change your air filter as part of a regularly scheduled appointment for AC maintenance in Anaheim.

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