Between the recent fires and the wild heatwaves we’ve gotten recently, it might seem strange to think that fall is here. However, cooler temperatures are already on their way, felt especially at night as things are finally getting a smidge chilly. Many of us are breaking out the decorations and cozy blankets but don’t forget to check on your heating system during your preparations.

Before the temperatures drop too low and you are running to your thermostat, make sure you reach out to Avis Home Solutions for your yearly furnace tune-up. This is a vital task to take care of if you want to enjoy optimal comfort and peace of mind in the coming months.

Schedule your appointment for heating maintenance with Avis today.

What Does Heating Maintenance Do For Me?

Not sure if scheduling an appointment for heating maintenance is worth your time or your money? We can assure you that it is. Maintenance makes a big difference for your heater and your home. Here’s how:

  • Optimal system efficiency: Keeping your system energy efficient is going to be a huge focus for many Californians. Maintenance helps you do that. With a yearly tune-up, you can enjoy knowing that your heater will maintain a better level of energy efficiency than it would otherwise.
  • Improved home safety: Whether you have a natural gas furnace or use a heat pump to keep your home warm, maintenance will ensure that your system operates safely. This is because a professional can address issues that might create safety hazards later on like gas leaks or electrical shorts.
  • Fewer chances of repair needs: This is a favorite for many people around here. No one enjoys scheduling a furnace repair. Thankfully, maintenance keeps your heating repairs few and far between. That means you won’t have to spend as much money on your heater to keep it running because maintenance catches most of the issues before they can escalate to a full-blown repair.
  • Better heating: Want to ensure that your heater is able to do its job well? A tune-up will do just that. When a technician performs your maintenance appointment, it will help your system perform more effectively. Addressing issues like a clogged filter or loose parts will allow your heater to better do its job.
  • Longer system lifespan: Last but not least, maintenance services will help your heater last longer. This means that rather than barely getting to the 10-year mark, your heater is likely to make it to the 15-year mark before it needs to be replaced.

Make the most of your home comfort this season and beyond when you schedule your system maintenance with us. You can even enjoy more perks when you join our maintenance program: the Energy Savings Club.

The Energy Savings Club is going to provide you with additional benefits to add to what a regular annual maintenance service provides. This can include discounts on products and services, priority scheduling, no overtime charges, and more. Call or send a message to sign up today.

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