Energy efficiency refers to a particular system’s ability to produce a certain result, product, or service (warm air, for example) using a smaller amount of energy. As you can imagine, a system that produces more warmth using less fuel and/or electricity is one that is considered quite energy efficient.

We love to discuss energy efficiency because making sure that your home comfort systems perform efficiently is something that we do quite well. And whether you have a brand new system or an aging one, we have tips that can help you to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system all year long.

It’s time that we discussed sealing your home.

What is Sealing?

“Sealing” is a term that refers to the closing up of any and all gaps that could let outside air into your home. You can seal your home by improving its insulation and weatherstripping or caulking different areas within the house. An example of this could include caulking the area around a door or window frame to reduce the air leakage around it.

What Does Sealing Do?

According to the Department of Energy, sealing a home, and thereby increasing its airtightness, helps to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating or cooling your home. It also helps to increase your home comfort and improve your indoor air quality (and thereby your health.)

The Role of Your Attic Insulation

As we mentioned above, attic insulation plays a role in sealing your home and improving its airtightness. We want to highlight the role of your insulation in this because we are the pros of providing insulation services in Anaheim, CA.

Your home insulation helps your home performance because it reduces the amount of energy that your HVAC system needs to use to heat your home. Without insulation, most of the warm air your heat pump or your furnace produced would leak through the walls of your home and dissipate into the air. Other benefits of home insulation include:

  • Prevents Water Damage: The heat created by your heater can lead to the creation of moisture in the attic if it isn’t properly insulated.
  • It Helps the Earth: Less energy consumption means higher energy efficiency which is a win for you and the planet.
  • It Creates a Big Difference in Your Energy Savings: Proper insulation can create a big impact on the amount of funds you spend on your energy to heat your home.

Where We Come In

We want you to know about the benefits of sealing and properly insulating your home, firstly because it benefits your comfort and secondly because optimizing your home performance is something we do well. We specialize in attic insulation services so, when you are ready to improve your home performance, give us a call!

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