It might feel like spring is teasing us with these chilly mornings and steamy afternoons. It would be nice if we didn’t need to use our comfort systems throughout the day, right? With that said, now is a good time to consider taking a look at your heating system.

While the use of your heating system is likely winding down for the year, it doesn’t mean you should just shut it off and not think about it until next winter. You actually should still take the time to check on it before shutting things down. Why? Because doing so could mean catching a repair need that will only worsen if it isn’t addressed.

5 Potential End-of-Season Repairs

By the end of the heating season, your furnace may have some repairs that need to be addressed. Make sure you take the time to find out if your heater needs to be fixed up before giving it a rest for the summer.

#1. Ignition Problems: Do you hear a booming noise when you run your furnace? You aren’t imagining it, the sound of a small explosion is due to a build-up of gas caused by delayed ignition. If you notice that booming noise, or the sounds of continued clicking, it means you should reach out to a technician for repairs.

#2. Cracked Heat Exchanger: Over time, your heat exchanger expands and contracts which can wear on the metal and, eventually can create a crack. Indicated by the sound of rattling, the smell of gas, and reduced heating power, a cracked heat exchanger is an issue that should be fixed ASAP.

#3. Ductwork Leakages: Your ductwork is responsible for delivering the warm air that your heater creates throughout your house. If there is a leak in your ducts, however, a lot of that air is going to escape out of your home before it helps improve your comfort. Hissing noises and reduced airflow are strong indicators that there is a ductwork leak that needs to be sealed.

#4. Blower Motor and Fan Issues: Your blower motor operates the fan within your furnaces that blows warm air into your home. If you have fan blades that are loose or broken, or if you have a blower motor that is malfunctioning, the warm air being created won’t be able to effectively reach its destination.

#5. A Disconnected Thermostat: If your thermostat isn’t connected to your furnace properly, or it is malfunctioning and isn’t detecting the temperature in the home correctly, it will impact your ability to heat your home.

Professional Repairs Are a Call Away

Wear and tear is a normal occurrence that takes its toll on even the most well-cared-for system. Eventually, your furnace will need a repair service and when it does, you should only schedule that service with a professional technician. Trying to skip the repair or letting an amateur do the job is akin to asking for trouble.

The trained service technicians at Avis Home Solutions are available to help your Orange, CA HVAC system run the way it is supposed to. Contact us today.

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