Since we can’t see the ductwork in the home, we tend to assume there aren’t any problems with it. But because it’s such a crucial component of the HVAC system, if there’s a leak, poor insulation, or weak airflow, the entire home will feel the effects. Here are a few common ductwork issues and how they impact the entire system.

  1. Poor design

If the ductwork is poorly designed, air will have to travel longer distances and be hindered by obstructions before it is released into the home. This will make heating and cooling inefficient, driving up energy costs.

  1. Insufficient insulation

Poor insulation will allow air to escape through the ductwork before it is released in the home, causing waste and inefficiency. A professional HVAC professional is trained to inspect ductwork to make sure there’s enough insulation to minimize waste.

  1. Dirty ducts

It’s important to clean the ducts regularly to remove the dust, germs, and contaminants that can get trapped inside. Cleaning the ducts will improve air quality and help the system run more efficiently.

  1. Weak airflow

Kinks, twists, or obstructions in the ductwork can reduce air flow. You’ll need professional HVAC service to repair crushed ductwork and address circulation issues.

  1. Leaking ducts

Ducts can become loose or disconnected, causing air to leak between the walls of your home. Leaking ductwork can cause the home to lose 20-40% of air in the HVAC system. The repairs could be minor, such as reconnecting ducts, or more serious, requiring replacement.

  1. Unsealed registers

Unsealed registers can cause air to escape the ducts before reaching the rooms. Insects, dust, and other debris can enter through the ductwork, negatively impacting air quality.

Unaddressed issues with ductwork can cause inefficiencies, poor temperature control, loud noise, low air quality, and frequently clogged filters. Homeowners should take steps to maintain their HVAC system to prevent problems with ductwork. In some cases, professional HVAC service may be necessary. Call Avis today to schedule an appointment for ductwork cleaning, repair, or inspection.

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