Going out to look at Christmas lights and decorations on houses was fun but now everyone is ready to be back inside where they can warm up. You go to check the furnace when you get home only to discover that it is already on. The question is, if your heater has been on this whole time, why doesn’t it feel like the temperature is any different?

It isn’t far-fetched to guess that this lack of warmth from your heating system is an indicator that you need to schedule furnace repair. Even if the source of the problem is poor airflow, this can be enough to cause plenty of trouble for your comfort and the wellbeing of your system.

The Problems That Poor Airflow Creates

You may be wondering why poor airflow is such a big problem. It may not seem like a huge issue at the start but it can really do some damage to your heater and your home comfort if it isn’t addressed quickly. Poor airflow can lead to issues like:

  • A slowed heating process
  • An increased risk of your system overheating
  • Higher energy bills
  • Longer heating cycles without results

While reduced airflow might not seem like a big deal at first, it is easy to see why it is a big problem in reality.

What Causes Airflow Issues In Your Heater?

So if poor airflow is such a big problem, then it is probably a good idea to figure out what is causing it. There is more than one hindrance that can mess with airflow from your heater. While some of these causes might seem more severe than others, it is a good idea to get the problem addressed sooner than later.

  • A clogged air filter: There is a reason that we suggest changing out or cleaning off (if the filter is reusable) every few months. A clogged air filter for your heater can seriously reduce the flow of air into your heater and hinder the job it is trying to accomplish.
  • A blower fan malfunction: The blower fan is responsible for blowing the heated air your system created into your home. If something goes wrong with the fan’s motor or the fan itself (like a broken blade) it can slow down or stop the flow of air that you need to warm up.
  • Ductwork leaks: Last but not least, your ducts play a huge role in the flow of air into your home. If there is a leak or hole in your ducts it is going to let a lot of the warm air that your heater creates escape elsewhere before it can help your home comfort.

When it comes to a heating system that isn’t working quite right, you don’t want to try to just get by. A malfunctioning furnace needs to be seen by a trained professional HVAC technician sooner than later. Believe it or not, this will save you money, ensure your comfort, and improve your peace of mind in the long run.

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