The weather outside is…really not that frightful. It is one of the most beloved perks of living in this area–no flurries or snowbanks in wintertime, but some pretty good chill factor. In fact, we’ve seen a good amount of sunshine lately too. But we digress.

While the temperatures haven’t been unbearable, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to our comfort systems. Missing a sign of trouble now can lead to discomfort later. We want you to get the heat pump repair in Anaheim, CA that you need when you need it so we have provided some easy ways to discern if and when you should reach out for professional service.

3 Indicators of Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps are going to offer double the comfort in only one system. This is great for saving space and reducing energy use. However, this means that a problem with your heat pump can mess with your comfort this season and beyond if not addressed. This makes it vital to get repairs knocked out as quickly as possible.

Here are some warning signs that you should reach out to a professional heating & air conditioning technician for repairs.

  1. Poor energy use. How have your energy bills been lately? Have they been about what you’d expect for this time of year or are they starting to show spikes in your energy usage? If you have noticed that your bills are reflecting some new expensive activity, don’t ignore it. A heat pump that is struggling to operate despite a repair need is going to use extra energy to get the job done, leaving you with bigger bills but less comfort.
  2. Poor comfort. Your heat pump mini split system is meant to provide comfort to you all year long. If it is unable to keep you comfy when you need it, this is the sign of a problem. Especially with the wild heatwaves we can get, it is essential that your heat pump is able to operate optimally at all times. If you noticed an issue with your cooling or heating comfort, make sure to get repairs ASAP.
  3. Odd operations. Sometimes your heat pump is working hard to do its job but something just isn’t quite right. It could be that it started to emit odd noises like rattling, hissing, or bubbling. Or maybe it has started to shorten its heating cycles. Perhaps it is still producing heat but the flow of air into your home is getting weaker by the day. If you notice issues like these that aren’t normal for your heat pump, don’t brush them off. Operational oddities are usually a sign of trouble in your system.

You Can Trust Us With Your Home Comfort

Your heat pump offers some impressive advantages when it comes to keeping your home comfy all year long. This only applies when you make sure that you have a professional to keep it in prime condition. Our team members can do just that.

Contact the team at Avis Home Solutions to schedule repairs. We work hard to provide outstanding and professional customer care.

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