If you are looking for a new heat pump for your home in Orange County, you’ve probably heard the acronyms SEER and HSPF. But what do they mean? Avis Home Solutions can help explain! 

How does a heat pump work? 

Many homes in California use a heat pump, which brings heat from the air outside your home and moves it indoors to warm your family (yes, this works even when it’s cold outside!). During warmer months, it does the opposite, taking heat from indoors and moving it out. Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than traditional HVAC systems, saving you both money and energy.  

What is a SEER rating? 

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, aka SEER, is used to measure the amount that your air conditioner or heat pump is cooling the air. That number is then divided by the electricity consumed during that specific period. 

As a Lennox premier dealer, Avis offers top-notch heat pumps with excellent SEER ratings. The minimum SEER rating for heat pumps in the United States is 14, and they should run at 14.5 to be considered ENERGY STAR® efficient. Our Lennox heat pumps can achieve SEER ratings above 20. 

What about the HSPF rating? 

The HSPF rating stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This rating measures heating efficiency by taking the total heating needed during the colder months (measured in British thermal units) and dividing it by the electricity consumed during the same time frame.  

Currently, the minimum HSPF rating for a heat pump is 7.7. A heat pump must be rated at least 8.2 HSPF to be designated as ENERGY STAR® efficient, and anything higher than 10 is considered high efficiency. 

Is one rating more important? 

Although both ratings are essential to note when choosing a new heat pump in Orange County, the SEER rating should be your top priority. Your heat pump will primarily be operating to cool your home, not heat it, even if that’s easy to forget right now in winter! So choosing a unit with a SEER rating of at least 16 will deliver the ideal efficiency to keep your family comfortable.  

To save money and keep your heat pump running efficiently, make sure to also keep up with routine maintenance from Avis. Our expert HVAC technicians will provide you with priority service and peace of mind. 

If you live in the Anaheim area and need to service your heat pump, call us today at 714-597-6997! We’ll have you back to enjoying the holidays with your family in no time! 

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