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When it comes to ensuring your Anaheim, CA area home is safe and healthy, the quality of your water matters. Not only do you use your water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing, but you also drink it. Therefore, you want to ensure it’s safe to do so, right? The only way to tell for sure is with professional water quality testing services.

That’s where the comfort advisers at Avis Home Solutions come in! We’re committed to customer satisfaction, and that includes ensuring you’re as safe and healthy in your home as possible. You can count on us for accurate water testing services, whether that water comes straight from the city’s municipal plant or a well in your backyard. We’ve been serving customers throughout Orange County for over 49 years now, and look forward to seeing how we can best meet your water quality needs.

Do You Need Professional Water Testing?

The best thing you can do for the water coming through the faucets and taps of your Anaheim area home, particularly if you’ve never done it before, is schedule professional water testing. Water testing services were developed to identify bacteria and other contaminants that could make members of your household ill. Drinking water testing is important for both water that comes from your municipality and water that comes from a well—as algae and other bacteria can form with no warning.

We also test for specific toxins, if there is a concern about a hazardous spill or some other problem. This is particularly important when it comes to well water testing! We can even check for hard water—which is water that has a high level of minerals in it. These minerals—calcium, magnesium, and iron—are harmless to ingest but can eat away at your plumbing pipes over time.

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The Importance of Water Testing

No matter where your home is in Anaheim or throughout Orange County, we can’t recommend professional drinking water testing enough. This is especially important if your water comes from a well. We recommend well water testing at least once a year, and in some cases even twice. Without the municipal protections of the city water system in place, your water can be much more prone to contamination.

Routine well water testing keeps you ahead of any water quality problems that could crop up and gives you an educated idea of what types of protection you should have in place. Water quality testing is an ongoing process since each year can bring a new round of contamination with rainwater and such. Trust our comfort advisers to provide expert water quality testing to give you the knowledge you need to keep your water safe.

We Solve Water Problems

At Avis Home Solutions, our motto is “we solve problems.” So when we come to perform water quality testing, we aren’t just going to tell you what’s wrong and leave it at that. We’re going to make recommendations for the water treatment system, or combination of systems, which will best benefit your home.

We believe in achieving true customer satisfaction, but we can’t do that if we aren’t honest about what you need. Contact us to schedule your water quality testing today!

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