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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Anaheim, CA

If there’s any type of leak that strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners in Anaheim, CA and throughout Orange County, it’s a slab leak. See, our homes are built on solid slabs of concrete. While homes in other parts of the country have basements to house exposed plumbing, our plumbing system runs underneath that slab. If one of those pipes has a leak or a break, then that leads to a slab leak.

Fortunately, the comfort advisors here at Avis Home Solutions can handle this type of leak. They can be difficult to detect for the average homeowner, but we have specialized leak detection equipment that helps us find the exact location of a leak in order to determine the best method for resolving it.

Contact Avis Home Solutions for professional slab leak detection and repair. We solve problems.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

One of the most disconcerting things about slab leak detection for Anaheim homeowners is that there is no visual access to underground plumbing, and therefore homeowners rarely know if a leak has begun until it starts creating messy and potentially unhygienic symptoms.

The good news is there are signs you can watch out for, that indicate a slab leak is occurring. As soon as you suspect a leak of any kind, be sure to contact our plumbing comfort advisers for professional slab leak detecting, and repair if a slab leak is found. Signs include:

  • Increasing water bills despite no extra water use.
  • The sound of running water with no taps on.
  • You feel a "hot spot" on your flooring when you walk across it.
  • You have noticed cracks along your ceiling or walls, or in the foundation itself, that indicate the foundation of your home might have shifted.
  • There is mildew, mold, or pools of water on or under your carpeting.
  • Your water pressure drops suddenly.
  • You have an inside drain that keeps clogging no matter what preventive measurements you take.

Know your Slab Leak Repair Options

Once you know you have a slab leak in your Anaheim area home, you have a couple different options for slab leak repair. Most homeowners choose to spot-repair it—meaning taking up the section of flooring that the slab leak is underneath, and repairing that specific pipe.

The risk here is that it may occur again in the future—particularly if the reason for the slab leak was old plumbing pipes. You may choose to instead have your foundation plumbing completely repiped, or have your plumbing re-routed so that it no longer runs under the foundation at all. Our plumbing comfort advisers will help you make an educated decision—the age and quality of your plumbing will definitely make a difference as to what option is best for you.

Our highly trained plumbers are skilled and experienced when it comes to slab leak repair, and detection. You can rely on our team to accurately locate your plumbing problem using innovative technology and specialized equipment only available to professionals. Contact us today!

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