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Kitchen Plumbing in Anaheim, CA

Aside from the bathrooms in your Anaheim, CA area home, the kitchen has the most plumbing than any other room. There are a variety of water-using appliances and fixtures in this room, and you likely spend a good deal of time in here on any given day. Therefore, you deserve to have kitchen plumbing that works flawlessly! If you run into a problem with your kitchen plumbing, you deserve a licensed and skilled plumber to resolve it for you as quickly as possible.

This is where Avis Home Solutions comes in. Our professional plumbing comfort advisors have been serving the plumbing needs of residents throughout Orange County since 1973, and have become known as the premier plumbing company in our area, where we understand the unique needs of our customers and homeowners throughout the community.

When you need quality kitchen plumbing services in Anaheim, CA, give our team a call. We solve problems. Contact us today for an appointment.

The Kitchen Plumbing Jobs We Manage

Kitchen plumbing services covers a wide range of job types, from a small task such as repairing a leaky faucet, to large jobs such as full kitchen sink replacements. Keep reading to learn some of what you can expect from our plumbing installers and comfort advisors.

  • Faucet Plumbing: A leaky kitchen sink faucet is more than just annoying. It’s actually one of the most insidious wastes of water there is. Our team can resolve this problem for you, or even put in a new faucet if you decide to upgrade, instead.
  • Garbage Disposal Units: Do you properly care for your garbage disposal? You may be surprised to find that a few of the things you likely try to put down your kitchen sink drain are actually not suitable to garbage disposal functionality. This includes FOG (fats, oils, and grease), fibrous foods such as celery, and hard foods like fruit pits.
  • Sink Plumbing: Your kitchen sink is vital to the functionality of your kitchen. From food prep to cleaning up, you need the kitchen sink to work perfectly. And it will, so long as it’s properly installed and professionally serviced when need be.

Hire Professional Kitchen Plumbers

When there’s a leak under the counter of your kitchen sink, or you see water pooling around an appliance, you may be tempted to reach for a wrench and try to remedy the problem on your own. We advise against this—there’s always a risk that something could go wrong during your repair. Not only will you have to end up calling us anyway, but you may have created further water damage throughout your home.

Comprehensive Kitchen Plumbing Services

In addition to installing kitchen sinks and other kitchen plumbing fixtures, our plumbing comfort advisors are here for repairs, too. Keep in mind that even the smallest leak can lead to gallons of wasted water each year. If you have or suspect a leak, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

We provide exceptional installations as well. When something isn’t professionally installed, it can lead to leakage problems and subsequent water damage. We’re here for whatever your kitchen plumbing needs may be. We look forward to helping you! Contact us today.

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