We all know the feeling of coming home from work, breaking into a sweat, and desperately trying to cool down. Imagine turning on your air conditioner while trying to get some relief from the heat only to have it blow lukewarm air during your time of need. This may or may not mean that you need an entirely new air conditioning system installed! There are other options to think about before deciding on a new system. Here are four important things to consider when deciding whether you should replace or repair your A/C.


Have you considered your A/C unit’s age? Unlike many of us, A/C units do not get better with age. If your unit is older than ten years, it’s time to upgrade! The age of the equipment matters when it comes to energy efficiency. You may not be getting all that cooling power because older models run less efficiently and often have lower SEER ratings than newer units do today. If your unit is less than ten years old, you may be able to get away with a simple repair. But, keep reading for more helpful hints and tell-tale signs.

Repair Frequency

We all know that A/Cs are expensive. But did you also realize how much money it can cost to repair an air conditioner? If your unit needs frequent work, purchasing a new one may be better for both cost and energy efficiency. Newer models have many features that are not on older ones, which may help you save money. It’s time to ditch the frequent repair bills! A few tell-tale signs that your unit needs a repair (or better yet, an upgrade):

  • Blowing less than cool air
  • Unusual loud noises (or smells)
  • Little or no airflow
  • High humidity
  • Frequent cycling on and off

High Energy Bills

High energy bills can mean something is going wrong with your system. Either a repair or replacement may be in your future. But, we’ve got a piece of advice when making your decision. A brand new system means a lower utility bill. Newer, more efficient systems know how to do the cooling job you’re accustomed to while expending only about half as much electricity as old ones! Over time, you’ll be able to save money without sacrificing comfort.

Consult with Avis

You should always consult an HVAC contractor when repairing (or replacing) your air conditioner. The number one way to tell if it’s time for a repair or replacement – consult with an Avis expert! The technicians at Avis will inspect the system and give you all the information necessary to help you make this decision. They will explain how repairing vs. replacing will affect both short-term and long-term costs.

Schedule an appointment with Avis Home Solutions today to determine if you need a new air conditioning system or a repair. With over 49 years of experience, we can certainly give you expert advice about what is best for your home and wallet!

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