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HVAC and Water Heater Services in Yorba Linda, CA

At Avis Home Solutions, we are known for many things, but two of the most important are the quality of our work, and the affordability of our products and maintenance plans. In fact, our maintenance plans are among the most affordable in the Yorba Linda area and surrounding Orange County—around 1/3rd of the price of our competitors! When you need reliable HVAC, plumbing, or water heating services, we’re the team to call. We believe in excellent workmanship and honest service.

Contact Avis Home Solutions today for your HVAC and water heater services. We solve problems.

Air Conditioning

Have you considered going ductless? Ductless air conditioning removes the need for ductwork, as the name implies. Ductless systems are great in homes with multiple rooms or multiple stories. It takes the central air conditioner and splits the indoor unit into up to four air handlers, each of which can be installed in individual rooms, with their own thermostats that can be independently controlled from one another. This is not only efficient, but can prevent arguments in your household about what temperature it should be inside. Contact us today to learn about ductless systems and more!


Heating your home for our brief but chilly winters doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. But it will if you’re not using your heater as efficiently as possible. On a cold night, there’s no need to turn your heater up as high as it will go—this wastes energy and that will reflect on your utility bills. Plus, in our climate it takes a while to cool your house back down if the next day is warm—as is often the case in Yorba Linda! Contact us today for more great efficiency tips.

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know your ductwork can be contributing to poor indoor air quality? It’s not rare for dust, dirt, and other allergens to exist inside your ductwork if it goes for months without use. When your air conditioner or heater cycles on, those allergens are blown into your home, making people with allergies or asthma suffer. There’s an answer to this, though—a whole house air filtration system, to help eliminate contaminants.

Duct Services

Some indoor air quality problems are just a natural part of having ductwork, but others could mean you have damaged ducts. Ductwork can accumulate breaches and leaks due to extreme hot temperatures, poor installation, or even vermin that might have accessed the ducts in your attic. The good news is, our team is here with exceptional duct services to restore not only your HVAC efficiency, but your indoor air quality as well.

Water Heaters

Your water heater is designed to last a very long time. But it can only do so if it is cared for properly. Whether you have a tank, tankless, or solar water heater, you want to make sure that the installation is always done by a professional, and experienced Yorba Linda professionals are tasked with repairing and maintaining the system. Remember, all water heaters need maintenance! Tank water heaters need it at least once a year while tankless water heaters may need it less often—but scaling is a problem for both that must be managed properly. Contact our team to learn more!

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