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HVAC and Water Heater Services in Irvine, CA

Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year can often feel much easier at some times than at others. Our services and systems can keep the environment in your home within the ideal range you are looking for. Whether the climate outside is hot and muggy or cold and windy, you can rely on Avis Home Solutions to keep your home climate the way you want it to be. Come to us for your services for air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality systems for your home in Irvine, CA and the surrounding areas.

Contact the experts on our team to provide you with ideal home comfort all year long.

Air Conditioning

Let’s be honest, our part of California can get hot during the summer--to the point where spending time outside of the home simply isn’t enjoyable. Keeping your home cool during our annual heatwaves is important to say the least. Whether you have a central AC, ductless ACs, or another type of system, you can come to us for all of the air conditioning services you may need.  

Heat Pumps

Have you heard about heat pumps? These systems are ideal for our climate. They help us keep cool during summer and, as an added bonus, warm during winter. They are known for being highly energy efficient and offer a host of other benefits. The best part? You can have a heat pump in smaller homes that can’t accommodate a full central AC. They are also great for homes that can’t accommodate ductwork--because ductless heat pumps are available to you as well. Trust us with all your heat pump needs!


Our area may be known better for its warm, sunny seasons but that doesn’t mean things don’t get cold during winter. When the temperatures drop, you want to make sure that your system is in good shape to keep you warm. Whether you are looking for help with furnaces or you need an upgrade to a thermostat, you can rely on Avis Home Solutions for your heating needs.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home is going to play a huge role in how comfortable your indoor environment is. That is we offer a variety of indoor air quality systems and services to the residents in Irvine, CA. We want to make sure that your home IAQ is where you need it to be. This includes providing duct services to ensure your ductwork is well-sealed and clean. Contact us to get started.


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