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It would be really easy for the average plumber to come into your home to tell you that your plumbing system is shot, and you need whole-house repiping—even if you don’t. Fortunately, the plumbing comfort advisors at Avis Home Solutions aren’t your average plumbers! We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service, having been the premier plumber since 1973.

One of the ways we do this is by offering comprehensive video pipe inspection services. You can count on an honest assessment of your plumbing system when something goes wrong—just call our Anaheim team of plumbers. With video pipe inspection, we insert a cable with a small camera on the end of it down into your pipes, and we watch the feed on a laptop screen or tablet. This helps us assess the condition of your pipes, including whether there are any leaks or opportunities for leaks.

How Video Pipe Inspection Benefits Your Plumbing

When our team of expert plumbing comfort advisors uses the images that are sent back from a video pipe inspection, we can collect a good deal of information that helps us determine what exactly you need in terms of plumbing service.

For example, it may enable us to determine exactly where a leak is located so that section of plumbing can be accessed directly with minimal damage to your property or surrounding pipes. Our plumbers can also determine what exactly caused damage to the pipes that are hidden from plain sight, and determine before even beginning work the ideal approach to conduct repairs.

Additionally, video pipe inspections help our plumbers determine what level of drain cleaning you may need for clogged-up pipes, and if any additional repairs are needed. For example, hydro-jetting will clear out tree roots, but those tree roots will have caused damage that needs to be remedied.

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Analyzing Your Plumbing System

While you can rely on our plumbing comfort advisers to handle your sewer line repair or replacement using trenchless technology, you first need to know that there is a problem. This isn’t always obvious right away, but there are certain signs you can watch out for.

For instance, you may discover that the drains throughout your Anaheim area home are slow, signaling a sewer problem. Or you might detect a foul odor wafting its way throughout your front or backyard and into your home. If foul odors outside are accompanied by soggy spots or pools of water in your yard, then you can very well be looking at a sewer line leak.

Video pipe inspection equipment allows our plumbing comfort advisors to unobtrusively inspect and analyze what’s going on in your plumbing system. We use a long, fiber-optic cable and snake it down the entire length of a drainpipe and your sewer line. The tip of the cable has a miniaturized digital camera and powerful LED light that enables our plumbers to view what’s going on via a video monitor that the camera feeds back to.

In order to inspect the interior of your pipes thoroughly, we’ll insert the camera end through a drain opening or clean-out. The camera and light send back high-resolution images to the video monitor, where we then are able to analyze what’s going on.

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Video pipe inspection is just one of the many tools our licensed plumbers use to diagnose plumbing problems and perform repairs.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the level of the work done on your plumbing system, but that can’t happen if we aren’t accurately finding out what’s going on inside your pipes to begin with. We look forward to assessing your plumbing needs!

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