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Anaheim, CA Indoor Air Quality Services

Heating and air conditioning are both important for keeping your home comfortable. However, they're not the only things you should consider when it comes to your home's air. Did you know that most harmful particles found in the air are actually microscopic? Also, were you aware that these particles can be present in higher volumes indoors than in your immediate outdoor space? Yes, the indoor air quality of your Anaheim home can be suffering from dust, pollen, dander, viruses, bacteria and more.

That’s the bad news, but the good news is that Avis Home Solutions is here to help! We provide comprehensive air filtration and air purification systems and services to help improve the health of the air you breathe. You deserve a home that’s comfortable and free from threatening contaminants.

Contact Avis Home Solutions today to learn more about improving your indoor air quality! We solve problems.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Really That Bad?

You deserve good indoor air quality in your Anaheim area home. However, how do you know it’s bad to begin with? You’ll want to learn how to spot the signs of trouble. There are a number of symptoms that indicate that you are, in fact, suffering from poor indoor air quality, including:

  • An Increased Level of Dust and Airborne Particles: Have you noticed what you can only guess is dust visibly floating through your air, despite cleaning regularly? It may be that you have higher levels of airborne pollutants floating through your home because they have no escape. Tight home construction these days allows for high energy efficiency, but low indoor air quality.
  • Excess Moisture: Orange County homeowners have an array of different air quality needs, much of it dependent on how far inland they are. You may find that your home is excessively humid, and a risk of this is mold and contaminant growth. If the excess moisture is accompanied with a musty odor, you could very well be in need of an air purification system.
  • Increased Allergy and Asthma Symptoms: Dust and contaminants don’t cause allergies or asthma, but these particles can certainly exacerbate the symptoms in individuals who suffer from these ailments. Subpar air quality can have a bad impact on quality of life.

Contact our Anaheim, CA comfort advisors to see whether an air filtration system, air purifier, or a combination of these air quality systems will help eliminate threats to the air you breathe. We also offer a full range of duct services

Why You Need Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Do you know the function of the air filter that comes standard with your HVAC systems? It’s in place to protect your forced-air cooling and heating systems from the dust, dirt, and other debris that can otherwise reach its inside components and hurt HVAC efficiency.

There’s a common misconception that this air filter is in place to protect a home’s indoor air quality. While this air filter certainly doesn’t hurt your indoor air quality, this is not its purpose. For comprehensive air quality protection, you’ll want to consider how a powerful, whole-house air filtration system may benefit you, or an air purifier.

There are different types of air purifiers, with different purposes. Our Anaheim comfort advisors are here to help you make an educated decision on what’s best for your home, but we can assure you that taking a whole-house approach is the way to go. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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