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Anaheim, CA Rodent Sanitation Services

There is one unfortunate fact for Anaheim and other Orange County residents—rats thrive in warm climates. In fact, they like to live anywhere humans live—including in our homes. This is clearly a problem, and not one that’s solved easily. At least, it’s not solved easily on your own.

Exterminating them doesn’t actually solve the problem either, as you want to prevent them from entering your household to begin with. Since rodents such as rats are nocturnal, you likely won’t ever see them in your home, but their evidence will certainly be there, causing unsanitary and unhealthy conditions.

Contact Avis Home Solutions today for rodent sanitation services in Anaheim, CA and throughout Orange County. We solve problems. Let us handle your home performance needs.

Eliminating Rodent Debris

The problem with rats is that they spread diseases to humans and potentially even your pets, and they don’t have to make direct contact in order to do so. Disease is spread through their feces, urine, and saliva. Disease can also occur through ticks, mites, and fleas that have come from the rats—but our sanitation service helps cleanse the areas where rats have been in your home.

Rats and other rodents seem like small and relatively harmless creatures, but they can actually cause a good amount of damage and contamination within your Anaheim home. The unsanitary conditions they present pose a major health hazard.

Sanitizing Your Home

Properly sanitizing your home involves more than just simply removing their hazardous waste—we also eliminate the pheromone scent trail left behind, and during the clean-up process use HEPA filter air scrubbers to reduce the airborne dust and rodent contaminants. Additionally, any affected insulation is removed and can be replaced to restore proper home performance.

Our Anaheim, CA comfort advisors then conduct a service called exclusion, which is a vital rodent control technique that stops rats from physically entering your household. These rodents can enter your home from just about any opening—even those as small as a quarter. So closing holes in structures, particularly around plumbing pipes and HVAC ductwork is vital, as is repairing torn screens and adding door sweeps.

Cleaning Your HVAC Ductwork

Accessing your HVAC ductwork is something that only a highly trained and experienced HVAC comfort advisor should attempt. Our Anaheim team of professionals will carefully assess whether or not your ductwork has been infiltrated by rodents and other pests—doing so is part of a truly comprehensive rodent clean-up and sanitation service.

The debris and contaminants left behind by rats, including those within your drywall and insulation, will work their way into your air ducts and become a part of what you breathe when you use your forced air cooling system or heating system.

As unpleasant as this is to think about, it’s even more unpleasant to live with! The health risk this poses is particularly dangerous for anyone in your household who already suffers from upper respiratory problems like allergies and asthma. If you suspect you have had a rodent problem or you want to ensure you don’t, please don’t hesitate to call our team and ask about our comprehensive rodent sanitation services.

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