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Anaheim, CA Home Performance

Have you ever thought about how your home performance could be impacting your comfort and your health? If not, you may want to consider it. When we talk about home performance, we’re talking about not only how efficiently your HVAC systems are keeping you comfortable throughout the year in the Anaheim area, but also how the quality of your indoor air and the quality of your homes insulation contribute to the health of your household as well.

Avis Home Solutions provides comprehensive home performance services. We want to create a comfortable and efficient environment within your home because that’s what we feel you deserve. What’s important to you is important to us!

To learn how to improve your home performance in Anaheim, CA, contact Avis Home Solutions today! We solve problems.

Ask about Our Home Performance Services

Homeowners in Anaheim and throughout Orange County are susceptible to a number of potential home performance issues. You may be losing out on HVAC efficiency due to poor quality insulation, for instance. Or, you might have an unfortunate rodent infestation introducing unsanitary conditions to your home.

At Avis Home Solutions, our comfort advisors will look at your whole home and see where your home performance opportunities may be. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Rodent Sanitation: It’s not very pleasant to think about, but in most suburban areas throughout Orange County, rats can be a problem. They live in palm trees and other covered areas, and they search for food and shelter wherever possible. In many cases, this means your home—whether through an attic space or a garage. The rats themselves are a problem enough, but what they leave behind by way of waste is unsanitary and can severely impact your home performance. Contact us today to learn about our rodent sanitation services!
  • Insulation: Relatively speaking, it never gets unbearably cold in Anaheim, CA—or anywhere throughout Orange County. So, you may be wondering why insulation is such a big deal for our team. Insulation stops the transfer of heat—not only from the inside of your home out, but the outside of your home, in. This means that during the summer, the insulation helps your air conditioner to work more efficiently, and does the same for your heater during our brief but chilly winters.
  • Air Filtration and Air Purification: Improving your indoor air quality is a huge part of maintaining adequate comfort and home performance. Many homeowners believe the air filter in their HVAC system is all they need for this, but this air filter is in place to protect your HVAC system, not your indoor air quality. Ask our team about our whole-house air filtration and air purification system benefits!

Comfort Is about More than Temperature

There are a number of factors and situations that contribute to the quality of the indoor air throughout Orange County. For example, did you know that the level of allergens inside your home can actually be worse than that of outdoors? This is because they have no way to escape.

You could also be losing conditioned air due to drafty doors and windows, or poor insulation as mentioned above. The fact of the matter is, you and your family deserve to be comfortable. If anything is threatening that comfort—or worse, your health—please don’t hesitate to give our comfort advisors a call.

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