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Anaheim, CA Duct Services

Could you imagine being in the middle of one of our hot, long Anaheim summers and having a central air conditioner that’s not actually blowing out cool air? Well, what if we told you this might not be a problem with your air conditioner, but rather a problem with your ductwork? Your HVAC’s ventilation system can accumulate damage relatively easily, and that damage can account for up to a 30% loss of conditioned air as a result.

Damaged ductwork also contributes to poor indoor air quality, allowing contaminants like dirt, dust, and pollen back into your home. Fortunately, at Avis Home Solutions we’re aware of the various problems that can befall your ductwork, and we’re prepared for all of it. After all, our motto is “we solve problems,” and we mean it!

For reliable duct services in Anaheim, CA or the surrounding communities, contact Avis Home Solutions today.

Do You Need Professional Duct Testing?

Your air ducts might be leaking conditioned air into unoccupied spaces in your home. The poor air quality you’re experiencing might be caused by damaged or dirty ductwork. These aren’t pleasant things to think about, but they could be true.

The only way to determine the state of your ducts is with professional duct testing services. This is a fairly complex job, involving the use of high-end equipment and significant training on how to use that equipment and analyze the data.

But how do you know when you should schedule duct testing? Well, if you’ve never had duct testing done, then now is a great time to start! Otherwise, there are some signs you can try to watch out for.

  • High Energy Bills: Are your cooling bills, or your heating bills, higher than what you paid at this same time last year? This is a sign your HVAC systems isn’t performing as efficiently as it used to, and duct leakage might be at fault.
  • Musty Odors from Vents: Duct leakage can result in the introduction of excess dust and debris in your home. It can also draw in moisture and particles from the attic and in between walls. This eventually causes a detectable musty odor to seep through your vents.
  • Drop in Airflow: Check on the airflow coming through your room vents. If that airflow seems a bit sluggish, it may be due to duct leakage.

Do You Need Duct Repair?

Depending on the severity of your ductwork damage, there are a few solutions available. If the damage is relatively minor, then professional duct sealing will do the trick. Duct sealing uses special, commercial grade mastic sealant that our technicians apply to the affected ducts. Homeowners assume that store-bought duct tape will resolve the problem, but this tape is actually not appropriately named and will break down too quickly if applied to your ductwork.

More significant duct repair is needed when you have major duct breaches, like a gaping hole or a loose connection. If the damage is beyond repair or if we find that your ducts were improperly sized to begin with and that contributed to the damage, then we’ll typically recommend duct replacement. Duct replacement is also a good option if you have very old ducts that keep getting pinhole leaks or small tears from years of use. Whatever your duct service needs are, you can turn to our team of reliable Anaheim technicians for the job!

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