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What Is That Noise?

Monday, July 6th, 2020

We aren’t anywhere near Halloween but maybe your house didn’t get the memo because it has been making some seriously spooky noises. These sounds shouldn’t be ignored as you may have guessed because they indicate trouble for your comfort this summer. Thankfully, we can help.

We aren’t exorcists and we don’t need to be to deal with those spooky noises because the solutions lie with your air conditioning system–or at least with getting it repaired. We can help you with identifying the source of these noises and with getting them resolved.

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What Are the Signs That You Need AC Repair?

Monday, June 8th, 2020

That trusty summertime heat and sunshine seem to have made its entrance. We are already inching into the high 70s and 80s and there are days where many of us just need to stay inside to keep from overheating. Thank goodness you have a working air conditioner to keep your home comfortable–or do you?

If you have an air conditioner that needs to be repaired, you may not have as comfortable of a summer as you expect. A repair need in your system that goes unaddressed for too long can lead to a full breakdown, meaning no cool air whatsoever. You can avoid this by learning what the warning signs are of a repair need and contact us to schedule your HVAC service in Lake Forest, CA as soon as possible.

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