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Addressing Poor Airflow From Your Furnace

Monday, December 21st, 2020

Going out to look at Christmas lights and decorations on houses was fun but now everyone is ready to be back inside where they can warm up. You go to check the heater when you get home only to discover that it is already on. The question is, if your heater has been on this whole time, why doesn’t it feel like the temperature is any different?

It isn’t far-fetched to guess that this lack of warmth from your heater is an indicator that you need to schedule furnace repair in Irvine, CA. Even if the source of the problem is poor airflow, this can be enough to cause plenty of trouble for your comfort and the wellbeing of your system.

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You Need To Know About This Vital Furnace Repair

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

It is great that we no longer have to try to keep ourselves warm by lighting up a fire in the middle of our living rooms, or in each room. The safety, comfort, and efficiency that we get to enjoy thanks to modern heating systems like the furnace are pretty incredible when compared to anything that was used to provide comfort 200 years ago.

With that said, your furnace isn’t perfect. It will eventually need repairs and while some repairs are relatively simple, there are others that are best addressed by a professional as quickly as possible. Why? Because there is one repair need in particular that your furnace can develop that is flat out dangerous.

This is your reminder that a cracked heat exchanger is not a furnace malfunction to be ignored.

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